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At Squirrel Hayes First School we know that Literacy skills are vital for lifelong learning. We plan a personalised, literacy rich curriculum with as much emphasis on reading as writing. Learners benefit from daily reading lessons with a phonetic or guided reading focus where children learn to think, talk and learn like a reader. In addition, children also have a daily general literacy lesson where they learn to think, talk and write like a writer. Of course, there are transferable skills that thread between the lessons.  This provides excellent opportunities for reinforced and deeper application of literacy skills.


We believe that consistency throughout the school, a personalised learning pathway and working in partnership with Parents and Carers gives every learner the most effective opportunities to reach their potential.


Working in Partnership


Your child’s teachers and your child/ren are working very hard to ensure that every lesson counts, helping them to secure key skills and develop new ones. We greatly appreciate your support in helping your child.


Top Tips to help your child to stay on top


  • Read at least three times a week
  • Practise weekly spellings and praise their efforts
  • Encourage high standards of presentation
  • Be familiar with your child’s targets and encourage them to apply them
  • Help them to develop a wide vocabulary through playing games, reading stories, talking about TV progrrammes, their day and the world around them.
  • Take an interest in their class topic and creative home learning tasks


How well is my child progressing?


There are key expectations for the end of Year 2 and Year 4. All learners are somewhere on that journey.

We will report on your child’s progress each term so that you know which year group your child is working within (their learning progress not their class). At the start and end of each year we will inform you of your child’s reading age.

Where can I find out more?


  • Your child’s Google classroom has many resources to help you to support them.
  • Your class teacher can offer advice.
  • Check the newsletters for any curriculum updates or details of any information evenings and workshops.
  • Read the Literacy, Dyslexia Friendly, Teaching and Learning and Home learning policies for more detailed information.


Useful Websites:


Key Stage One – Word Level Work

Key Stage One – Sentence Level Work

If you need to know more about this subject please don't hesitate to ask the subject lead Mrs Johnson-Allen.


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