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Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect

British Value Statement



Our learners are actively encouraged to view ‘mutual respect’ as a fundamental value which underpins the whole work of the school’s learning community.

All members of the school’s community treat each other with mutual respect. This is embraced throughout the curriculum providing learners with the opportunity to express their thoughts and views in a safe environment.

We pay explicit attention to the value of ‘self-respect’ and the ‘respecting’ of others through our RE, PHSE and SMSC curriculum.

*The promotion of ‘SEAL’ and SMSC across the school through ‘curriculum drivers’ ensures that learners value respect.

*Collective worship and ‘thoughts for the week’ promote whole school focus on how a learners choices effect their own rights and those of others.

*Learning walks for ‘behaviour’ and ‘behaviour for learning’ support the appreciated of mutual respect in all aspects of daily school life.

*Learners have access to daily Nurture provision supporting respect of self and others.

*Educational visits and enrichment workshops.

Learners are able to articulate that respect is a key school value and is seen as an important life skill

Learners respect themselves and others and their ability to make good choices and behave well, demonstrates their understanding of this key value in action.


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