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British Value Statement



Our learners see democracy as a successful component in being part of a team. It is used as a process for important decision making and effecting change within the school.

*Squirrel Hayes has an active elective School Council who are able to make their own important decisions on school improvements and aspects of community life.

*Class representatives are voted in by class members and meet regularly following a democratic process.

*Learner questionnaires focused upon all aspects of school life enable learners of all ages to put forward their views and bring about change.

*Year 4 Council Reps meet termly with representatives from the Local Council, community and other schools to discuss and debate key issues.

*Learning walks for ‘behaviour’ and ‘behaviour for learning’ reflect the schools values of choice and democracy.

*Older learners hold a mock election presenting the opportunities for different ‘parties – such as healthy, behavioural and environmental party to communicate their agendas.

Learners are able to work collaboratively with others. They understand and value the importance of turn taking and to respect the views and opinions of others.


Learners use the language of choice and respect in their approach to daily school life and learning.


Learners understand the importance and responsibilities of voting.

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