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Building Learning Power

A focus of learning behaviours from the start

The children are introduced to learning dispositions as soon as they enter the nursery and reception classes. Here is our version of the learning behaviours that make up a resilient, resourceful, reciprocal and reflective learner are slowly brought into the language and culture of the classroom.


Here we see how the dispositions have been interpreted in short form. Those of you who are familiar with the BLP model will notice some differences in interpretation from the original.

Resilience. Be ready, willing and able…managing distractions, being involved and concentrating, never giving up.

Resourcefulness. Investigating and exploring…finding out and exploring, being willing to have a go, asking questions like an investigator

Reciprocity. Being fair and working together…listen carefully to others, work well in a team, sharing wonderful ideas.

Reflectiveness. Creating and thinking…having my own ideas, making links, choosing imaginative ways of doing things


Year 1- Year 4

The learning behaviour data gives teachers and the school the ability to track and identify successful learning behaviours at both a whole school and ‘drilled down’ level. The information is then used in two ways:

  • to inform the design of future teaching and learning opportunities more generally
  • to support learners themselves in identifying and interpreting their own learning behaviours and making a stronger link to how these behaviours impact on not only their own success but that of their peers.

Thus behaviour problems are resolved and improved not through rewards and sanctions but through direct links to learning behaviours and their outcomes.


On a day to day level, looking for, collecting, analysing and acting on learning behaviour data has led to teachers having a deep understanding of every child’s learning energy and their inclination to learn and change. Teachers now know the balance and strengths of each child’s learning behaviours and, importantly, they are shaping their classroom culture and learning activities more precisely to meet those learning needs. 


A whole school celebration of learning powers 

The daily tracking is used to identify the ‘BLP star’ for each class every week. As part of the school’s weekly ‘Achievement Assembly’ attended by family and friends, each BLP star pupil is presented with a highly regarded BLP trophy and joins the school’s ‘Building Learning Power’ wall of fame.

The BLP wall of fame dominates the school’s main hall. The four major Learning Power dispositions are represented by different coloured bands on the display and it is in these coloured squares where learner’s find their proud faces displayed, according to the key BLP skill set being celebrated.

Beyond this weekly celebration all learners have the opportunity to earn BLP merits,  and work towards the achievement of their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards through their learning journey over time in the school. 

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