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We take every child’s protection and E-safety very seriously. See the links on our home page


Our computing curriculum is divided into four areas to enable our learners to develop digital skills for learning, work and life; and to ensure that they are working safely and respectfully.


  • To code

Learners develop their competence in coding for a variety of practical and inventive purposes, including the application of ideas within other subjects.


  • To connect

Learners learn how to connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding the need to act within the law and with moral and ethical integrity


  • To communicate

Learners have opportunities to communicate ideas well by using applications and devices throughout the curriculum.


  • To collect

Learners apply computing to real life contexts and develop their science and mathematical skills as they collect, organise and manipulate data effectively.


We take every child’s protection and E-safety very seriously. All Staff take part in regular training and have been accredited for professional knowledge of E-safety.  See the links on our home page to report any concerns you have about your child online and find out more.

If you need any help with your homework or just want to improve your Computing skills, then have a look at these wonderful, helpful and educational websites!

If you need to know more about this subject, please don't hesitate to ask the subject lead Mrs Percival.

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