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Christmas Celebration at St Lawrence's Church, Biddulph

We have been very busy preparing for our Christmas Celebration at St Lawrence's Church.  This year our celebrations took place on Tuesday 12th December 2017.


French Day 2017

On French day, we looked at the French flag and then created our own.  We then had a taste of some delicious French food that we really enjoyed! We learnt how to count to 10 in French and then used our shape knowledge to recreate the Eiffel Tower. 



We have been focusing on Picasso's cubism art.  We recreated this style by painting and colouring different parts of the face.  The artwork looks fantastic on display!


Children in Need 2017

On Friday 17th November, we came to school wearing spots for Children in Need.  We raised £75.06!


Look what we have been learning about during topic:

We have been looking at the continent of Africa and at African drums.  We designed our own drums and then created them.


We have also created some story maps during Literacy which link to traditional tales:


Year 1 Educational Visit to 'Chill Factore'

On Monday 9th October, Year 1 had the opportunity to enhance their learning with an educational visit to Chill Factore.  The visit included sledging, sliding on rubber rings and experiencing snowy conditions.  Please see photographs below from this exciting visit:



'Leap into Learning' Topic Launch Day - Pole to Pole

The year one learners transformed into Arctic Animals and Explorers for their Topic Launch Day. The learners saved the frozen Arctic Animals by melting the ice using warm water.

Next, we received a letter from an Arctic Explorer. He needed some help building a shelter to protect him from the cold, arctic conditions. The learners designed and built shelters for the Explorer to try out, we even made it snow!


In the afternoon the learners created 'Igloo Art' using sponges to print the blocks of the igloo,  then we produced a whole class igloo using tissue paper.  


Finally, everyone created their own beautiful snowflake. What a fantastic day we had!


Faith in Focus Week 2018

For Faith in Focus week, Year 1 explored Buddhism.  We made our own clay model Buddha's and painted them metallic colours - they look fabulous on display!  We learnt about the Buddhism temples and created leaflets about the inside and outside of the temples.  To finish we learned about The Wheel of Life and we painted our own wheels. 


Spring Term 2018 'Leap into Learning' Topic Launch

'London's Burning'

For our topic launch of 'London's Burning', we dressed up as bakers, firefighters and children of the era.  We all worked together to make our own loaves of bread and we tasted different types of bread.  We used our British Values (democracy) to vote for our favourite - garlic bread!  We used our artistic skills to collage Tudor houses and we wrote adjectives to describe fire onto flames.  These look fabulous on display in our classroom.



Liz Allen Paintings

  • We have been looking at the artist Liz Allen and her paintings of the London landmarks. We had a go at creating our own using lots of bright colours and shapes. These look brilliant on display.



  • World Book Day 2018

    Here are some photos of our world book day learning.


    For World Book Day Year 1 looked at Roald Dahl stories and we had activities all day linked to this author.


    In the morning we created our own marvellous medicine just like George. We added lots of interesting ingredients such as pink bubbles, green slime and strawberry sprinkles!


    Next we linked our numeracy learning to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by measuring items around the classroom using different chocolates like buttons and smarties.


    In the afternoon, we looked at the story of the BFG. We made dream jars and wrote our own dreams on the label. These look fantastic in our classroom!


    We have had a brilliant day learning all about the Roald Dahl stories.


    Summer Term 2018 'Leap into Learning' Topic Launch

    'Living Things'

    For our topic launch day 'Living Things' we dressed up as animals and famous people.

    We painted animal faces and made them into masks that we wore for our school assembly.  Senses were another element of our day and we collaged the 5 senses of humans for our display board.  After lunch, we went on a walk of our school grounds looking at the plants and mini beasts.  We sketched plants and made some tree rubbings too.  We have a great day!


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