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News February 28th 2012

Squirrel Hayes Yearly Overview

Please click the link below to view our academic yearly calender:

Squirrel Hayes First School 2014-15 Yearly Overview

Snow Procedure

Please can I remind all Parents and Carers to ensure that we have the most up-to-date contact details in school, in case of an emergency. School closure in not taken lightly and will be communicated as soon as possible by :

The Space Cadets

We are delighted to have Polly's Day Nursery take over the out of school care club. If you are interested in safe, affordable and fun out of school care for children aged 5-11yrs then The Space Cadets (Holiday Club, Before & After School Club) will be of interest. The club is based at Squirrel Hayes School but has it's own entrance. More details about the club's activities can be found by giving Squirrel Hayes School a telephone call or visiting         

 Ofsted Report

In Summer 2014, our school received an inspection from OFSTED. The findings of the report have been verified so we are pleased to announce that the school has been graded as GOOD! The OFSTED report can be found here, or if you prefer a PDF copy can be found here . We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our learning community (Parents, Pupils, and Staff) for all their continuing hard work.      

 Dates for your Diary:

You can download the Academic Calendar 2014-2015 and if there are any letters that you would like to check on they are all available on the Parents' Information Page.


Use of the Pupil Premium in 2012/13

  The following information details the amount of Pupil Premium funding received through 2012/13 and how this has been allocated. Impact on progress and attainment can be found in the final summary.       In total we were allocated £38,380 for the financial year 2012/2013. We received this money in regular installments and these funds were received in addition to the main school budget (the general annual grant).       Home School Link Worker: £18,126     This year for the first time, we have employed a Home School Link Worker for four days a week, to work closely in partnership with vulnerable learners and their families.  As a result families have been supported through strategies to help motivate and engage learners in attending school regularly and signposting families to outside agencies to further support effective home school partnership.       Additional Nurture & ‘Chill-Out’ Provision: £11,926     During 2012-2013 we have increased our weekly Nurture provision to 3 afternoons a week. This has been led by our HLTA who is highly experienced and trained in the effective delivery of Nurture provision across the age ranges.  She has been well supported by a Teaching Assistant and all involved have benefitted from our new purpose built nurture room.  As a result, some of our most vulnerable learners have had regular access to learning in a safe and stimulating environment, tailored to meet their very individual needs.   We have been supported by a number of external services as well as working in partnership with our own inclusion team.  Each learner has received personalised provision linked to their individual Boxall profile / IEP / IBP targets and key skills development.   In addition to our nurture provision, vulnerable learners have also had access to a lunchtime ‘Chill-out’ club twice a week.  This has provided them with an opportunity to further develop their social and emotional skills within a supportive and welcoming environment.  This prepares learners well for their afternoon learning activities, enabling them to talk through any barriers to learning they may have.   Breakfast Club Provision £4,500     As a result of additional funding, learners eligible for Free School Meals have once again been able to access our ‘Breakfast Club’ provision on a daily basis from 8.00am onwards. Learners in attendance have benefitted from access to a healthy and hearty breakfast under the guidance and supervision of school staff.   Extended Schools £555     Learners eligible for Free School Meals have benefited from a wide range of extended learning activities on offer both before and after school.  Through this additional funding we have employed a number of trained sports coaches in order to provide access to a much greater range of healthy learning activities.  This has provided many vulnerable learners with the opportunity to develop skills and expertise through an enriched curriculum.   Numeracy Intervention £836     As a result of additional funding, targeted learners have received small group numeracy intervention through the ‘Rapid Maths’ programme and through focused maths intervention. Rapid Maths materials and resources have been purchased and staff trained in its effective delivery.  In response learners have received tailored maths provision, followed up by linked home learning tasks.   Additional Reading Resources £2437     Learners from across the school have been inspired to read through the use of new exciting reading materials.  Learners have had access to Phonic Bug reading materials, including online e-books and have been supported in their learning through new guided reading materials.  These resources have enabled them to have access to exciting reading material both in school and at home.         SUMMARY     As a result of effective deployment of additional funds in school, learners have continued to make accelerated rates of progress through a personalised approach to learning. 80% (very large majority) of all learners across the school made accelerated progress in all key subject areas combined. 81% (very large majority) of learners eligible for free school meals also made accelerated rates of progress in all key subject areas combined. (FSM = 79% accelerated in Numeracy, 69% accelerated in writing & 86% accelerated in reading)       Plans for 2013/2014       To date we have been allocated £53,100 for the academic year 2013/2014. Due to the success and impact of many of the initiatives undertaken in 2012/2013 we aim to continue their development with a main focus upon key skills in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The following is a list of areas for development through Pupil Premium Funding:-
  • Continuation of Home School Link Worker, estimated cost £18,365
  • Access to breakfast Club, allocated cost £4,500
  • Extended Schools provision, estimated cost £600
  • Read, Write Inc phonics and reading programme, estimated cost      £28,272 (includes training, materials and staffing).
  • Bug Club e-learning, estimated cost £146
  Further information will be detailed at the end of the current financial year.