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Year 2 & Year 3 - Cygnus & Delphinus



Cygnus is our Year 2 class (with some Year 3).  The designated teaching and learning team for Cygnus is Mrs A Harris as lead, Mrs Quinn  and Mrs Byrne.



Delphinus is our Year 3 class (with some Year 2).  The designated teaching and learning team include Miss R Mahan as lead, Mrs Pearsall, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Copestake and Mrs Breeze.

Please click the links below to view Cygnus & Delphinus Topic Overviews for each term:

'Leap into Learning' Topic Launch Day - The Emperors New Land


Cygnus and Delphinus were put through their paces at the Roman Soldier Bootcamp! After exploring the hard life of a Roman Solider, they created posters outlining the skills that would be useful for helping to build the Roman Empire. Of course, no Roman Soldier can survive without good number skills so they learnt to calculate the Roman way. In the afternoon, they practised battle skills as they marched, defended and attacked their rival training team. Finally, they completed their Roman adventure as they learned about the symbolism of a Roman Shield and began to design their own.

Please click the below link to view Cygnus and Delphinus most recent Home Learning:-


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